5 Stages of a Dying Marriage, and How To Get Your Husband to Notice You

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In good times past, you remember the wedding bells, the fun, laughter and the smiles, and that deep sense of true love. Those memories seem nothing more than a distant dream of a beautiful and magical life that has now long passed.
Your marriage is dying and or your husband hardly notices you anymore. Among the darkness and shadows of sadness, those wedding bells have turned into the wedding blues, and your husband has become distant.
If there is a problem with your relationship, tackling it sooner rather than later, is the best option.

Stage 1. While there is no real reason and or timing, you first become aware that things are not right when your days are filled with more sadness than joy. It's clear that things are not working out, and bubbling away underneath the surface of unhappiness, you now know that everything is not OK, and you are probably looking for a way and or just hoping that things will work out.

Stage 2. From there things seem in a wrong way, this bad dream is now real, you find it hard to sleep, even if you're tired, and or it's now hard to think, as your focus, your future, seems so confused, where to from here.

Stage 3. Your feeling a little alone, but at the same time with all of the uncertainty you are still looking for a way to make your marriage work, you are not ready to walk away from your husband, it now time to make some changes before it's too late.

Stage 4. You rarely and or do not communicate any more, intimacy is a thing of the past, there seems to be nothing to talk about anymore, and it feels like that loving feeling has long gone and may never return.

Stage 5. Lastly, is there any way to escape from the madness of this bad dream, it only needs one small thing to wrong from here, and you know there will probably be no point of return?

If there are problems with your relationship, tackling it sooner rather than later is the best option.

Feeling exhausted, you have tried to do all of the extraordinary things, cooked great meals, complimented your husband on every occasion and even worn that sexy outfit but nothing you do seems to work in gaining his attention.

Maybe your husband is not seeing you as sexy or attractive anymore, and the list can go on as to why your marriage is not working correctly.

You are hoping for any sign of acknowledgement for your efforts, any positive sign of hope, nothing but crickets layered on top of a never-ending silence, and it can seem like that you are passing each other like ships in the night.

Whatever you do, and with every effort, your energy and will power to move forward fades with every passing attempt to please your husband, but.

fix my marriage

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Every part of you that wants everything to work out, but how do you fix your marriage from here?


You can try to change your husband's ways, when I reality it may be yourself that needs to change.

If so, by adopting the position of becoming somebody willing to learn, and in that improve, you cannot make mistakes, and with this, you can enjoy a sense of freedom in the journey ahead.

There are no wrongs, you can now focus on the intent on fixing your relationship with your husband without the pressure of being perfect and or getting things right first time around.

You cannot expect the same outcome with the same input, get ready for some changes.

Your journey ahead will be more about you and becoming the best that you can be in all areas of your life, over and above trying to change your husband.

In the process of your personal growth, your husband will become naturally attracted to you if you are moving to the beat of your drum.

For this reason, let's shift the focus away from trying to please your husbands every pleasure, and focus on becoming a better you.

Or put more simply, if you align yourself with your life's purpose and passion and follow that path, your husband will see you as happier and more attractive, sexier person.

By adopting this path, you will feel surrounded by a calmness inside, with a peaceful and relaxed feeling.

Learn to focus on, put your energy and heart on the things you care about the most.

Complete a list of things that align with your direction, being sure to include rebuilding your marriage on that list rather than leave it on the back burner of hope.

Then set about living life your way with a focus on achieving the things that mean the most to you.

By understanding that you are different to the next person, you can choose to adopt and or refine some of the tips below that will work towards getting your husband to notice you and your marriage back on track.

Exercise your mind and body, develop a positive mindset, and improve your physical fitness if needed, look to become a well-rounded and a balanced person in control of your own life.

Being independent and not clingy and or reliant is positive and will work towards attracting your husband attention.

Compliment the little things, an excellent haircut today, you look good in that shirt etc., but be sure only to compliment results, not intentions, and never the praise to seek a response or attention.

Fake praise will not earn you any gold medals in the relationship games. Keep it real at all times.

Dress appropriate for the occasion, but always be well-groomed and do not be afraid to bring out your feminine side.

There are not many things a man holds higher than a well-dressed woman, regardless of your size age or anything else, a mans knees wilt when he sees that pretty woman walking down the street.

Focusing on your husband's errant ways is nothing more than wasted energy and emotions usually of anger, so again why worry about trying to control what others do, but instead learn to control how you respond to these situations.

Listen to and understand any concerns your husband may have but learn not to argue, but to discuss calmly and with respect and learn to back down regardless of who is right or wrong.

There is one proven and tried method to understand, and that is, it almost impossible for your husband to argue with you if that argument is one-sided.

A good relationship about letting your partner become the best that they can grow and supporting that journey you should be the best supporter of your husband's goals as much as he should be the best support for you and your life's journey.

Only speak and or write something if it is genuine, kind or improves on what has already been said.

Where possible if you can find some common ground and or enjoy one of your husband's interests then join in, but keep in mind that you do not need to do everything, but you can take an interest in it, just as much as you would like your husband to take an interest in your life.

Invite your partner out for a date, be it the movies, a lunch, whatever works best for you, and remember that as a general rule, other people are not interested in you and often prefer to be talking about themselves.

Actively listening to your husband's story will go a long way towards him, feeling like he would like to get closer to you and be with you more.

Don't be afraid to show your sexy side, tease a little and then escape just out of reach, but do not be too hard to catch, and where things need a little let's say direct messaging, do not be afraid to reach out and get the fun rolling.

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How to impress and dress for your husband in bed.


For many reasons you can go from hot and steamy sex life to complete sexless marriage, this could be because of prolonged workloads, children, age and just falling out of touch with each other. But how do you get things back on track?

Your husband will be turned on by your initiation or implying that you're ready to have sex with him. You do not need to turn it on like a New Year's Eve fireworks display, but a gentle whisper in his ear with something sexy will work wonders.

Hygiene will be the top of the list, feeling warm, soft and well-groomed with a beautiful but subtle scent adds to the romance, and for your husband, there is nothing like the look, feel and smell of a good woman.

Dress sexy for the bedroom with some hot lingerie, and or swap it up, a little tight dress, a skimpy top, a costume, see how many sexy looks you can come up with.

The socks n slippers with the nanna pants probably won't cut it, bring out your A-game, as a little effort often goes a long way and do not forget the hair and makeup.

Be fun to be with in bed, and do not be afraid to mix it up, try some new locations, in the shower, keep some surprises coming, as any further attempt to get back onto the sex wagon will become a boring ride if it stays the same.

Play some games, try a sensual massage, what are some of your fantasies? Ask your husband to pleasure those fantasies, you may be just surprised as it will turn him on just as much as it will turn you on. Then maybe next time repay him with pleasuring him with one of his fantasies.

You can complete the experience by adding some adult toys into the mix, scents, visuals mirrors and some soft lighting.

Don't make sex just a chore, you can become into your husband's secret lover, as much as he can become your lover.

Getting this part right can go a long way towards completing the picture of a balanced, positive and healthy relationship.

To learn more watch our free video below, and remember that more than often you both will have different desires and or needs, and where possible look for common ground.

Wishing you the best outcomes moving forward. Quiet Secrets

We hope you enjoyed our article. If you would like to share your experiences in regards a dying marriage, we encourage you also to help others in your life's journey so that they too can be the best that they can become in their lives by leaving your comments below. qS
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