How to fascinate a guy who thought he was not ready for a relationship.

Ever wondered if it's even possible to get a man to want commitment as much as you do. In this report, learn how to reverse a man's resistance in regards commitment and how to do it by triggering his basic male instinct he can not ignore.

You've probably seen headlines like, "Reasons He Won't Commit" or " Signs He'll Never Commit." These articles are everywhere. And they say things like, "he's not ready to settle," "he wants to play the field," and "he's just not that into you."

Let me illustrate with an example using an imaginary couple, let's use Jack and Jill as an example.

Jack and Jill had been dating each other. When they were together, you could tell they liked each other. The passion that comes with the first stage of any relationship was there. They cared about each other, were invested in each other and There was real love. But whenever Jill took take things to the next stage, Jack always pulled away.

How to fascinate a guyHow is the Hero Instinct connected with not wanting to start a relationship with you?

The Hero Instinct is a drive every man has, originating from our past. It's an innate desire to accomplish things. But it's not just about accomplishing something. There's a reason the hero instinct drives men.

What You Can Do to overcome the I'm Not Ready now objections.

Here's the thing. If women waited for men to satisfy their Heroic Instinct fully, no one would ever find the love of their life or marry. No one would settle, or if they did, it probably would not be until they were much older because that's when most men reach the third and final stage of the Heroic Journey, the King stage.

Typically, men in the king phase of life feel ready to settle into a relationship. In this free report from quiet Secrets, you will learn how you can be one of those people.

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