How you can become that couple who wants each other more than anything else.

3 secrets to building forward momentum and romance in your relationship. | A Free eBook compliments of Quiet Secrets.
Secret #1: Think beyond the First Step. The hardest part of building momentum is the very first step. A train can transport a lot of cargo, using a tiny amount of fuel. And once the train's speed builds, you better stay out of its way. But from a stopped position, it can barely move at all.

It can feel like that in your relationship, which is why a lot of people never bother with trying to build momentum. After a first attempt to move in a forward direction, it can feel hopeless. Nothing seems to have changed, and you gave up way to soon. 

Secret # 2: The 1% Rule. Let's review the primary goal. It's forward momentum for your relationship. That's what I want for you too. But I don't want you to break your neck. And that's what happens when you go from 0 to 60 in an instant. Things break.

Now, I'm not about to bore you with a story about the tortoise and the hare. But I do want to remind you of something you may have forgotten. A fundamental truth about the life you learned in kindergarten.  People don't like to feel manipulated. 

Secret #3: Define Progress as "Pleasure".  Why does he seem to be dragging his feet? He was very interested in the relationship from the start. But now it's as if he's second-guessing his commitment. Like he's not sure about the thing that's building between the two of you. Why is this happening?

As a relationship coach with years of experience, I can take a pretty good guess. It's ambivalence. In other words, he feels pulled in two different directions. He wants the good stuff that comes from his relationship with you. But he's nervous about what it all means.

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